The potential of many plant varieties is unfulfilled

Every fruit, vegetable and bouquet of flowers found in the shop is there thanks to the hard work of people in the horticulture industry. Many crops we take for granted have to be constantly improved. Plant breeders continuously search for new characteristics in plants to:

  •  use less land while growing bigger and better
  •  withstand varied climate conditions and disease
  •  be more aesthetically pleasing.

The plant breeding process is expensive, time consuming, laborious and most importantly based on chance. Because of these issues, the economics of plant breeding do not allow improvements to all plants, leaving many varieties neglected.

Breeders and growers in horticulture industry recognize the features needed in the products they produce, but they are unable to act on their knowledge due to the barrier imposed by conventional breeding.

Unless the economics of plant breeding change, it will be impossible to unlock the full potential of plants.